Ryan Dahlstrom dominated the Hospitality Industry by providing Ground Pp Solutions. Now these tools, training and techniques are available so you can dominate your competition.

Tell us about your bar. Describe your needs. Explain what’s not working and why. Our process is simple. You describe your problem. We will provide a solution specific to your needs.

After discussing your need, in detail, we will either Take On or Turn Down your request to become a client. Every problem has a solution but not all solutions can fix a problem. Solutions are meaningless when ownership is the problem.

Upon deciding ownership is not the problem, we will begin onboarding with a proposal. Implementation begins when we receive our signed proposal and full payment.

Our primary goal is problem-solving. Once achieved, you will be able to operate alone. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a working relationship. As your bar grows, we want to continue doing business and grow together.